I, am the

My name is jerry and i am the owner of this website. like everyone else who signed up for neocities i want to share what i create, keep the old web alive, learn code yadda yadda. my initial intrest in coding started when i found out you could customize the html of your tumblr page. i was too impatiant and gave up. fast forward a year or so of occasionally 'trying' to learn code and i had made little progress.

what finally made me really want to focus on coding was a break up. kinda funny. but i wanted to get my mind off of it and when i found neocities i knew i wanted to make my own site. and then it took some months but here i am.., my first real website.

while im not sure what i want this site to be 100 percent i know i want a place to put my art and creations away from the corporate internet and social media. ive always wanted a place online where i can truely be myself without the constant berage of idiot bullshit. i hate the modern internet. it is no longer a place to share information and comunicate but just another way for our governments to spy on and control us

i appolagise for my poor grammer and the way i ramble i understand if it comes of as incomprehensable